deeper faker

Deeper, faker

Creeper, taker

Dreamer, maker

Sleeper, waker

It speaks with your voice,

But not your words.

It has your face,

But without your smile.

It says what I want,

And acts like I want it to.

Everyone is making them,

Until we can make ourselves.

Everyone agreed it's better this way.

No one to hurt and no one to save.

As careless as a wish,

Be whoever you want to be.

Will we blur together like schools of fish,

Or say "stop copying me"?

Our legs grow long,

Then get cut down to size.

Muscle and fat,

Take any shape you like.

A lion body and the head of a man,

Or maybe vice versa.

A ship will launch a thousand faces,

Leaving behind souls and viscera,

In search of new ways to fuck,

To reproduce image and ephemera.

We could each wear the mask

The other fell in love with.

Only mine would have to change.

Love, I'm so afraid

We won't recognize one another,

Our visages unaged.

How will I know you?

When you return from the egg,

How will I know if it's you

Or a stranger in your yesterday's skin?

How could we ever know

And were we ever meant to?

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