I'm looking for...

I've looked for a wealthy man with nice hair

A good man or good enough man

I can't find him anywhere

I imagine you've no trouble finding candidates

They will want you for your beauty,

Your charms, your personality,

Rizz, artistic creativity,

But all of that wanes and shifts

Like an inverse eclipse.

For it's one thing to be desired

And another to be cared for.

And who says either one is higher?

Although clever turnips of great fame

Will convince you they're one and the same.

Look past looks, past value,

Past what you bring to the table,

Past the illusory soul, past religious fable,

Past the useful lies and sad truths.

You deserve one who recognizes your shape

And what's coming together.

It's simple for us to trace this hidden geometry

To share a shape

Ever in flux, chaos, and wrath

Whose unknown boundary

Can't be expressed in our highest math.

I am looking for a simple man, a fractal,

An infinite coastline, an empty head

Whose heart is full

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