phase [pre-2008?]

Whenever I am with her

and the seconds stretch to hours,

My heart beats for another:

Tis the lost twin of my lover.

Every newly charted isle

Isn't worth the seaman's while.

Falling short of expectations,

His life seeks new destinations.

And the poet with his lines

Tries to find a better rhyme,

Throwing papers in the fire

In gloomy evenings he'll retire.

The world wanes unsatisfied

For though everyone has tried,

The shadow of desire slips away in the night

The grip of passion is loosened and love takes flight

Abandoned nests are left behind,

Lonely fantasies, hearts unkind,

A thousand imperfections, a thousand lies,

As feeling fades and slowly dies.

Until one day embers stirred by a sunburn

Glow anew with the secret possibility

That the soul's epitome has an earthly manifestation

And that maybe, hopefully, she likes me.

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