sleep beautiful,

til the stars no longer glisten,

til the wise men cease to reason.

sleep beautiful,

in the silence of confession,

through the gloom of night's ascension.

let the poor complain

about the cold night's rain,

and the wealthy swear

for their decent share.

no touch shall stir thee;

no light shall wake thee.

let not my hand disturb your dream:

lucid and bright as men are free.

sleep beautiful,

your fate is to not rise again,

nor see the world thru conscious lens.

sleep beautiful,

cened falathren an i ammen ingem--

ereb cair ahtrado eru iĆ¢, uidavnen.

a vision of the shore for the rest of us year-sick (mortals)--
a lonely ship to cross the desert void, ever-closed.

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